Entrepreneurs at heart

Over the years the Joests have become involved with a number of enterprises, often playing the role of Founder, Strategic Investor, Angel Investor, Equity Investor, or Owner.


Founded in 2012, Flower Orthopedics is the leader in Ready-For-Surgery TM extremity fixation.  Flower Orthopedics builds a more efficient surgical case by delivering efficiencies throughout the supply chain to reduce the overall cost of care.

Flower Orthopedics is the innovator behind the Ready-For-Surgery TM FlowerCube TM, an indication-based platform containing all of the implants and instruments required for the surgery.  All products are sterile packaged and ready for use, completely eliminating the need for on-site sterilization and decontamination.  This disruptive delivery model drives significant savings for patients and providers alike.



Founded in 2007 by a team of III-V industry professionals, Valence’s primary focus is providing advanced Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) systems to clients in leading R&D and industrial environments.

At the core of all Valence MOCVD reactor systems are novel reactant gas injection and wafer heating system designs.  Valence has designed and produced both high-volume production, pilot scale and build-to-spec custom systems.  Valence recently released their most advanced reactor platform – the Exciton-series – which accommodates 100mm, 200mm and 300mm sized chambers for Nitride or As/P materials to efficiently meet the needs of a variety of leading-edge, emerging research and production processes.  Valence also focuses on improving gas and chemicals usage efficiencies and reducing maintenance requirements, leading to dramatic cost-of-ownership benefits.  Valence works closely with partners to create optimized solutions that give their clients a competitive edge.



Solid Innovations’ express mission is to build products that make optimal use of our patented “TruScope” dimensioning algorithm, and our “SolidScore” scoring system. This software can—without the aid of a touch probe or laser—accurately size and map any object, then score it for completeness to a model. It is our mission to utilize this ground breaking technology to innovate new monitoring and measurement products in a wide range of Additive Manufacturing applications including 3D printing, semiconductor manufacturing and all layer-by-layer manufacturing techniques.