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"I hear it all the time. People lamenting the loss of American manufacturing jobs. It cuts deep down because I care very much about this industry, but it's our own fault. Greedy manufacturers became so focused on making a buck that they moved operations overseas. That worked great for years, but now - decades later- we're dealing with the effects"

"The manufacturing industry at large made a short-sighted move. Sending jobs away from your country will always bite you in the end. More manufacturers understand that now. Luckily it's not too late. Technology is constantly evolving, and every major innovation represents a chance to reclaim our position as a manufacturing powerhouse

American manufacturing has taken a hit in recent decades

Additive Manufacturing represents an enormous opportunity for American manufacturing to make a resurgence.

"I haven't felt the effects of offshoring as much as others because of the type of work we specialize in. We focus on challenging applications that require close collaboration and cutting edge technology. This isn't really work that can be shipped overseas."

Advanced manufacturing requires close collaboration and is less likely to be off-shored.

Talented young folks are the ones who will sieze the opportunity

We need to teach them as much as we can

"We've had a comprehensive apprenticeship program for decades, led by the head of our CNC Methods department, Rick Anderson. Rick has worked in the advanced manufacturing industry for over 50 years, including over 20 with Imperial. Rick has a profoundly deep understanding of machining, but more importantly he's got a passion for sharing knowledge with the next generation."