Precision Multi-Axis CNC Machining

Precision, Quality and Customer Service.

For over seven decades Imperial Machine & Tool Co. has been known for providing the highest quality in machining and fabricating. We specialize in manufacturing technically challenging and complex components and systems for the world’s industrial and technical leaders. We've built our reputation on successfully and reliably delivering complex machined components to customers all over the world.

Precision 5-Axis CNC Machining Center

Precision 5-Axis CNC Machining Center

Precision CNC Machining: 3, 4, and 5-Axis

Imperial has a fleet of 30+ Precision Multi-Axis CNC Machining Centers. We use them to cut some of the most challenging materials to very close tolerances.

We have extensive capabilities in 3, 4 and 5 axis machining of large and small workpieces for customers in a variety of critical industries.

While it is certainly work-specific, we regularly hold tolerances of .0002” in machining envelopes as large as 30” X 40” X 84”.

We are willing to go to any length to make sure our customers are completely satisfied. Imperial has the experience, equipment, and resources to handle even the most challenging machining projects, but our commitment to customer service is the real key to our long-term success.

High Precision & High Complexity

Imperial has built its reputation by tackling the most technically challenging and complex work in the industry.

Our customers know that they can count on us to successfully fabricate and deliver their most challenging designs.

We have the state-of-the-art equipment to perform such work, but more importantly we have the temperament and personnel to excel in this arena.

Imperial is staffed by the most talented and experienced men and women in the industry. Our folks have built careers around advanced manufacturing, and tackling the most technically challenging and demanding manufacturing applications.

Wafer Handling Plate - Flat within 50 millionths of an Inch

Wafer Handling Plate - Flat within 50 millionths of an Inch

CNC Machining Glass-filled Phenolics

CNC Machining Glass-filled Phenolics

Exotic Alloys & Materials

Imperial has always been willing to embrace challenging manufacturing operations, leading to a reputation as the "go-to" source for machining and fabricating some of industry’s most difficult materials.

Although we’re best known for our metal machining capability, Imperial machines a wide variety of non-metallics including:

  • All grades of graphite

  • Engineered plastics such as Teflon

  • Glass Filled Phenolics (G10, G11 et. al.)

  • Vespel(s)

  • PEEK

  • Acetal Polymers (Delrin)

  • Custom laminates and compounds

In short, Imperial is well suited to machine and fabricate a very wide variety of materials both metallic and non-metallic.

Hard-To-Machine Alloys

For decades, Imperial has specialized in hard-to-machine alloys, most notably Titanium and Tantalum.

Our heavy involvement with some of the nations most advanced research and development organizations has allowed Imperial to develop particular expertise working with refractory and near refractory metals like Tantalum, Molybdenum and Titanium.

While Titanium and similar materials are common for us we also have insight and abilities in metals such as:

  • Nickel alloys (Inconel)

  • Kovar

  • Hastelloy

  • Invar

  • Super Invar

  • Monel

  • Almost any metallic material

Tantalum workpieces - Formed, Rolled, Deep Drawn, Welded and Precision Machined

Tantalum workpieces - Formed, Rolled, Deep Drawn, Welded and Precision Machined

We employ a specialized processes for machining Inconel. This is useful in general, as well as in direct application to machining components made on our Metal Additive Manufacturing centers.