Precision Welding & Joining

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Imperial Machine & Tool Co. offers comprehensive Advanced Manufacturing solutions. Our Precision Welding & Joining department is a key piece of our overall operation. We are proud to offer some of the most advanced welding capabilities and techniques in the industry.

Waiting on Christian for photo of fancy new welding machine

Waiting on Christian for photo of fancy new welding machine

Precision Welding

Imperial Machine & Tool Co has an extremely talented welding department with particular skills in precision TIG welding of weldable grades of Aluminum, various Stainless and carbon steels, Titanium, and Tantalum.

Welding Equipment Includes:

  • TIG

  • MIG

  • Vacuum Purge Chamber Welding

Imperial has the expertise to weld metal 3d printed components to gather to create precision structures larger than the build envelope of our AM machines.

Exotic Alloys

Imperial has particular skill welding Refractory and Near-Refractory Alloys that must be processed in an inert environment.

We employ a Vacuum Purge Chamber to maintain the compositional integrity of these exotic alloys as they’re being welded.

Exotic alloys we process include:

  • Titanium

  • Tantalum

  • Molybdenum

  • Tungsten

Vacuum Purge Chamber

Vacuum Purge Chamber

Our Titanium machining and welding expertise grew from our military experience. We started welding Titanium for the military since the late 1940s.

Over the years Imperial has become involved in many of the military’s “light-weight” weapon system programs thanks to this expertise welding and machining titanium, including the M777 Howitzer Program.

weld x-ray.png

Certification, Inspection, and Testing

Imperial is highly experienced welding to Military and Commercial weld specifications.

We weld to a wide variety of specifications including multiple AWS and ASME designations.

Our welders are tested & certified to the following AWS standards:

  • AWS D1.9

  • AWS D17.1

Our Weld department regularly welds to vacuum and pressure standards for multiple Tech, Military and Energy related applications.

Due to the type and nature of our Advanced Manufacturing approach, many if not most of our welds must undergo further testing prior to further integration or shipment. It is very common for Imperial to provide full radiograph, dye penetrant and/or any destructive or non-destructive testing required by contract.

Imperial is well versed in managing all aspects of inspection & testing to ensure customers requirements are met.

Metal 3D Printed, and then Brazed

Metal 3D Printed, and then Brazed

Precision Joining

In addition to our capabilities in welding we also offer other joining technologies such as vacuum furnace brazing and high temperature soldering.

Our Joining department also has extensive capabilities in precision epoxy/bonding of structures and assemblies out of engineered plastics as well as metals.

To learn more about Imperial’s Precision Welding capabilities, contact:

Ron Adams