Groundbreaking Semiconductor Equipment

(Metal Additive Manufacturing is changing everything)

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Driving Markets. Not just meeting them.

Imperial Machine & Tool Co. has been producing components for the semiconductor industry since the 1960s, working extensively with the fledgling IBM computer industry. Our technical capabilities and insight have been honed over the last 50 years and are known as a "go-to" supplier by the biggest names in the semiconductor industry. We keep maintain this position not by resting on our laurels, but by pushing the boundaries of whats possible.

Imperial aims to drive markets rather than meet them, and thanks to advances in Metal Additive Manufacturing and Hybrid Manufacturing (and a highly experienced team consisting of PhD Scientists, engineers and expert craftsmen) we're producing the most advanced semiconductor components ever created.

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(^ beef up with specific technical claims that leave reader interested in only one line. Bold and believable, not shocking.)

Hit the hardcore impressive stuff we're doing right now, credantial with our rich history providing the highest caliber work for the semiconductor industry.

CTA: History story about our long and impressive role in the semiconductor world. Story opens with the most advanced stuff we do. Gets into our experience. Ends with what were doing moving forward. the CTA is to see a tecnhicahl case study, or contact us)

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50 Years of Advanced Semiconductor Projects

See the evolution of advanced semiconductor equipment manufactured by Imperial. From early die-capping machines used by IBM to produce microchips in the 1960s, to today's most advanced MOCVD reactors. Lots of great pictures, and a look at how the next generation of the semiconductor industry will be affected by Metal Additive Manufacturing.