Imperial Machine & Tool Co. is a 75 year-old Advanced Manufacturing company.

At Imperial we specialize in manufacturing technically challenging and complex components and systems for the world’s industrial and technical leaders. We do so by staying focused on performing at the highest levels of quality and customer service in our industry. We build strong bonds with our customers by collaborating with them to bring new products and improved processes to reality. This unique manufacturing insight, combined with an entrepreneurial spirit, has led us to our long tradition of being an “Innovation Engine”. We continue to push the bounds of “What’s possible” and look to “Drive Markets, Rather than Meet them”.

Celebrating 75 Years of Excellence.

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Advanced Manufacturing Services

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Welcome to Imperial Machine & Tool Co.

Imperial Machine & Tool Co. is a state-of-the-art machining, fabricating, and assembly facility specializing in Advanced Manufacturing techniques. Our focus for over 70 years has been a consistent drive for excellence in all we do. From concept to completion our technical expertise, strict manufacturing standards, and quality control are enhanced and balanced by creativity, insight and vision. Our willingness to embrace challenging projects and difficult applications is what sets us apart. We take great pride in being regarded as a consistent and reliable "go-to" resource for our customers.

With a 30,000 sq-ft state-of-the-art facility and a comprehensive fleet of advanced manufacturing equipment - including 30+ precision multi-axis CNC machining centers, and four SLM 280 HL Metal Additive Manufacturing systems - Imperial is able to manufacture the most challenging multi-discipline advanced manufacturing projects.

While it's important to understand that Imperial has the technology to perform in the advanced manufacturing world, it is equally important to understand that Imperial has the temperament to perform in this arena.

Imperial is staffed by the most talented and experienced men and women in the industry. Our folks have built careers around tackling the most technically challenging and demanding manufacturing applications.

It is our goal to not just meet markets, but rather, to drive markets. We do this by utilizing the latest in in design, simulation and manufacturing software and hardware.  We also employ Engineering and Scientific talent at the PhD level to provide leading edge capabilities in gas and heat distribution, building complex internal strictures, developing new materials and processes for Additive Manufacturing applications, and so much more.

Please join us as we continue the journey to drive new markets and be the Innovation Engine our founders envisioned all those years ago.

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Imperial Speaks at RAPID

We were honored to receive an invitation to speak at RAPID 2017 & 2018 about our Journey into Metal Additive Manufacturing.

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