Helpful Resources

These posts address some of our most frequently asked questions.

8 Real-world Applications of Additive Manufacturing

A great primer for customers wondering "When should I use Metal Additive Manufacturing?" Packed with high resolution photos and useful explanations.

A Hybrid Manufacturing Case Study

3D Printing + Precision Machining = Hybrid Manufacturing
It's Hybrid Manufacturing - not metal AM alone - that's unlocking the biggest design improvements. See the entire Hybrid Manufacturing process via high resolution photos and useful explanations.

What is 3D Printed Support Structure?

We explain what printed support structure is, and why it's important for successful AM builds. We've included plenty of useful examples to illustrate the topic.

Video: "Impossible" Gear Assembly

This Stainless Steel Herringbone Planetary Gearset cannot be assembled or disassembled. The only way to achieve this "impossible" geometry is to grow the gearset additively, layer by layer.

Video: 3D Metal Printing - How it works in 60 seconds

A great video of Metal Additive Manufacturing in action. Perfect for customers who have never seen what the process looks like in person.


Infrared Video of 3D Printed Internal Cooling Passages

This infrared video footage showcases the internal channels that were "printed" into this cold plate design. Additive manufacturing enabled these intricate cooling channels without the need for cross-drilling, plugging, milling, or brazing.