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Imperial Machine & Tool Co. has advanced quality and testing capabilities. We are AS9100 Rev D & ISO 9001:2015 certified, ITAR Registered, and build to all common ASTM Specs. 

Wenzel LH108, programmable, with an effective measuring range of 1,000mm x 2,000mm x 800mm

Wenzel LH108, programmable, with an effective measuring range of 1,000mm x 2,000mm x 800mm

Mechanical Inspection

Imperial has a comprehensive quality & inspection lab. We have a full array of manual and DCC coordinate measuring machines, state-of-the-art metrology software, and other advanced inspection equipment. Our equipment is rigorously maintained and traceable to NIST.

Thanks to this equipment and our experienced team of Quality Control specialists with over 40 years of 3D metrology experience, Imperial is able to perform complex, close tolerance inspections to meet our customers’ demands.

Our Quality department is well versed in the inspection of machined and additively manufactured components.

In addition to our direct metrology equipment and software, Imperial is able to utilize our Additive Manufacturing capabilities to quickly print intricate test/inspection fixtures for complex geometric inspections.

Additional Metrology Capabilities:

  • 3D CAD Import

  • Solid Model part and fixture representation

  • IGES export of measured data

  • CAD Geometry recognition

Whether it’s a complex one-off component, or a high-precision production component that will be manufactured for years, Imperial is well suited to meet the quality & inspection requirements of our customers.

Solid and Powder Metal Characterization

Imperial operates a state-of-the-art Powder Characterization and Material Testing laboratory.

We offer monitoring of blended production powder lots for conformance to ASTM AM-Powder Bed Fusion specifications.

We can also verify incoming powder lots to specification, and vendor Certification of Compliance.

Other Services:


Powder Particle Size Analysis meeting:

ASTM B822, ISO 13320-1 and other industry guidelines.

Light Element Analysis (C, S, O, N, H) meeting:

ASTM E1019, E1941, E1447 and other industry guidelines

Light element analysis can be performed on both powder and solid metal samples.

X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry meeting:

ASTM E539 and other industry guidelines

X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry can be performed on both powder and solid metal samples.

We verify powder feedstock and printed metal alloys to the following ASTM AM-Powder Bed Fusion specifications:

  • Ti6Al4V - ASTM F2924-14

  • AlSi10Mg - F3318-18

  • 316LSS - F3184-16

  • 17-4PH SS - SAE AMS5643V

  • Inconel 718 - F3055-14a

  • Inconel 625 - F3056-14

  • CoCrMo alloy - F3213-16


Tensile Testing

Imperial offers state-of-the-art tensile testing utilizing our 100kN Tensile Testing machine.

This machine, paired with state-of-the-art software, allows us to achieve high-speed data acquisition and allows us to meet standards including ASTM E8/E8M, E4, E83 and other industry guidelines.

Our machine is equipped to measure variable strain rate in real time, and digitally plot this data for comparison. It can process rectangular or circular specimens, and can accept as-printed or machined specimens.

In-house tensile testing allows us to provide quicker turnaround for additive manufacturing post processing. It also allows us the opportunity to provide material property data to support our customers’ development programs and quality requirements. We can provide customers with data reports for individual specimens, as well as group averages to help them with development efforts.

Visual Inspection

Imperial has the ability to use precision optical equipment to verify the measurements of very small parts.

Our optical measurement system is capable of 1um scale resolution, and has a variable zoom from 25x - 455x.

This allows us to visually inspect critical features too small for other visual inspection methods. It can be also used to inspect mounted & polished metallurgical samples.


  • STAGE SIZE  OF 6’’ X 12’’ X 5’’





Corporate Testing Capabilities

As a division of Kaiser Aluminum we have access to a host of extensive material property testing, evaluation equipment, and expertise including:

  • Fatigue Testing

  • Impact Testing

  • Creep Testing

  • Stress Rupture Testing


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To learn more about Imperial’s Quality & Testing capabilities, contact:

Ron Adams